Zoltar – Gear For Men


What Does The Future Has In-store For You?

Do you want to know what awaits you in the distant future? Do you think you can handle your destiny? Standing at 6 1/2′ tall and is found in only the most serious arcades, this is Zoltar! He has all the answers you seek..

Zoltar stands in a solid wheeled oak cabinet that is finished in a gold and black painted trim and is surrounded by three panes of tempered glass.

What Does Zoltar Have To Offer?

  • Zoltar acknowledges your presence when near him and invites you over.
  • Once you have inserted a quarter (coins may be removed), Zoltar will provides 1 of the 16 different spoken fortunes
  •  He then dispenses one of 23 different printed fortunes in the form of a paper card (2,000 fortune cards are included).