Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler Kayak Review


If you are looking for a super stable and kayak with a comfortable seat, the Wilderness has developed something exciting for you. The company has come up with the Tarpoon 100 that can replace your age-old fishing boat and surfer.

If you are a beginner, the intuitive features will set you to the right path of Kayaking. This kayak is uniquely designed and the outfitting is great.

It has a narrow width and its length makes it the fastest kayak you will find on the market. Not to mention its comfortable seat that ensures you have the best moments even when you are paddling for long distances.

The Ergonomic Design Helps Your Body

Wilderness Systems Tarpoon 100 makes it easy to withstand shorter trips on the water. The ergonomic design keeps your legs high and thus encourages the blood flow to remain constant.

Thanks to the foot brace, you can set your feet straight. Also, feel free to adjust the angle of your back to your advantage. You can do the adjusting from in front of the driver’s panel.

Due to all these features, it adjusts really well according to the physical condition of any person.

The Seat of the Kayak

When judging a Kayak for its performance, people tend to look at the seat first. Well, here, Phase 3 AirPro SOT is well utilized by the manufacturers. Thanks to the feature, you can sit for hours and remain comfortable.

I have pain in the lower back area and surprisingly, it comforts my back without causing irritations. I can also adjust the seat to my liking.

Believe it or not, this comfortable seat takes care of the ventilation of air, cushions your back and takes care of the drainage. So, not a single drop of water will get past the tightly sealed scuppers into the seat.

What Makes this Kayak So Special?

For me, the capacity this small boat has. Well, it is just 10 feet long and accommodates people of all sizes. The rugged boat requires minimum efforts for maintenance.

The bow takes away all the hustle of pedaling through the wind. While rowing, I don’t feel fatigued. The size and the aerodynamics allow me to fish in the lake. You can also ride it in smaller ponds without worrying about the balance.

People can also mount fishing rods on it. The best thing is, it suits men and women of all ages. Even the elderly who suffer from Arthritis would feel at ease while riding it.

Great Maneuverability

This kayak is popularly known for its excellent glide and maneuverability. This is made possible because of its trim size making it a great selection for fishing on ponds, small lakes and class 1 and 2 rivers and streams.

Storage Compartments to Use

When talking about storage facilities, Tarpoon 100 is at its best!

The Kayak has two compartments (one small and the other one large) to store your things. The smaller compartment does well to hold the wallets or phones. For more important accessories, the larger chamber will suffice. I usually keep my lunchbox, extra snacks or even some clothes, life jacket or fishing coolers in there.

To keep the items safe, there is an 8-inch Orbix hatch on top. I also carry a cooler into the tank-well because it offers ample room.


  • The design allows it to float without compromising the balance.
  • You can ride it on lakes, ponds, and rivers.
  • The seat is relaxing, eases pressure on your back and feet.
  • The Kayak is light in weight you can carry it with a carrying cart for kayaks.
  • Storage compartments are spacious; you can carry a load of things.
  • Suitable for people of all ages and experience levels.


  • It’s not suitable for long trips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it good for the price range?

A: Absolutely. Been using it for months and the light weight Kayak supports everyone in my family. The weight capacity is pretty high and the finishing on this product is awesome considering it is just the right fit for beginners. So, I’d say go for it.

Final Verdict

Some would say the Kayak is much too expensive for their liking. Well, look at the add-ons this thing has. You have got the beautiful seat, large storage options, and the swift paddling bow. Plus it offers support for all ages of people. Considering this, the price seems justified!

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