Self Stirring Coffee Mug – Badass Gear For Men

Self Stirring Coffee Mug - Self Stirring, Stainless Steel Self Mixing Cup for Coffee

Too Lazy To Stir? We’ve Got You Covered!

Us men can be a little bit lazy at times, some of us can be so lazy that even the easiest of task can be a challenge… So to help you with one of those tasks, here is the perfect gift for your friend or for your lazy ass self. The Self Stirring Mug!

Pretty self explanatory, the mug stirs itself! So if you’re fighting for a few extra minutes in your morning or your just plain lazy then this will be your perfect new toy!

What Are Its Features?

  • Made out of stainless steel and non-toxic plastic
  • Press button on the handle to activate
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries
Self Stirring Coffee Mug - Self Stirring, Stainless Steel Self Mixing Cup for Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate/Milk Mug,Best for Office,Kitchen,Travel,Home (Black)
  • Simple To Use: No need batteries, no need to press any buttons, just pour hot water into this cup, it will perfect stirring speed mechanism: not too slow and not too fast.It can provide you more perfect for your self-timer that can show on facebook .Enjoy your morning coffee milk tea juice drink cocoa chocolate oats and while driving, without worry of spilling and making a mess.
  • Functional:This self stirring coffe cup not only can automatically stir water, but also has thermal storage function. In cold environment, it will automatically warm up your beverage
  • Material: Constructed of food grade 304 premium stainless steel and silicone, safe and durable. It is waterproof and maintenance-free, easy to wash but do not wash it by soap
  • Completely Melt Mixing Powders on the Bottom: Mix white coffee powder、milk tea coffee、rasberry ice tea power, hot chocolate or cider by the spoon, but always find the powders are not completley melted? Let's end it with this cup! It won't leaves anything on the bottom. Super convenient!
  • Multi Purpose : It is the best way to stir and take your coffee and your favorite beverage, such as chocolate, milk tea or cocoa. Suited for any beverage! If you also need a good manual coffee grinder, here is a great choice for you