Man Cave Pocket Pillow – Furniture


No Room For Beer?

Haven’t got a place to put your beer or remote while you’re relaxing on the couch? The day’s of losing your precious belongings in between your couch pillows are no more, with the Man Cave Double Pocket Pillow!

How Can This Help?

  • This unique pillow has two deep nylon pockets on one side of the pillow which will fit your favorite beer bottles in them perfectly!
  • The pockets don’t have to just hold your beers, you can put your TV remote in them to stop those frustrating moments when you can’t find your remote and need to change the channel from the boring programs immediately!
  • When you’re getting sleepy, take out your belongings and flip the pillow around, and you have got yourself a comfortable resting spot.

Sit back and relax now, everything you need is in your pillow!

Tumbleweed "Property of Man Cave Double Pocket Pillow
  • Pillow Measures: 18" square x 5" deep
  • Features two 3½” square x 3½” deep nylon pockets.
  • 100% premium polyester filling.
  • Exterior fabric is woven polyester twill.