The Lightsaber Wall Sconce


The Force Is Strong With This One…

Do not settle for anything plain and boring in your man space.. Even pimp your lighting out and light up your Man Cave at night like a true Jedi with the Lightsaber Wall Sconce!

What are It’s Features?

This Lightsaber Wall Sconce will not fail to impress, especially when seen by all the loyal Star Wars fans out there. This truly remarkable light features,

  • Changing colours and makes the famous weapon’s humming sounds just like from Star Wars
  • Modelled after Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the Star Wars movie
  • It mounts to a wall for easy hanging using the integrated bracket
  • When pushing the on switch, the blade is brought to life as it makes its iconic start-up sound!
  • This requires 5 AAA batteries to operate.
Star Wars Science Multicolor Lightsaber Room Light - Uncle Milton
  • Feel like a Jedi and learn how electronics make a lightsaber work as you construct your own version of the lightsaber used by Anakin Skywalker!
  • Use remote control to activate bright LED light and awesome sound effects!
  • Choose from 8 different blade colors – or activate the color-changing mode!
  • Science learning poster connects the lightsaber technology of the Star Wars galaxy to Earth’s electricity, lasers, plasma and the mix of colors in light.
  • STEM: Geology, Electronics. Physics, Optics