Haul Bass! with the Best Surf Cast Fishing Carts

Spending the day surf casting on the beach is hard to beat. But enjoying a good day of fishing on the sandy beaches while you are soaking up the rays requires a bit of gear hauling.

The first time I went surf casting I had to carry everything, and even when going with a good party of people there was a lot to be carried—the cooler that held the bait, ice to keep the catch cool, and the beer, sodas, and food as well. Plus we also needed a means to carry our rods and reels, nets, and other tackle in order to get the most out of a day fishing.

The last thing you want to do is head out to that special honey hole right in that perfect rip only to realize that you are missing something and need to go back. What you need is a cart, and not just any cart, but one designed with surf casting in mind.

There are a whole host of beach carts out there that could serve this purpose, but you need one designed with fishing in mind. No more having to lug gear up and down the beach struggling with the sand and general awkwardness of carrying fishing equipment—with the right cart, you’ll be able to go out further and longer than others, putting you on the fish while others spend their day removing sea-weed from their rigs.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right cart: it needs to be modular and needs to be easy to use once filled with all your gear, and you’ll need to be able to rely on it not to fall apart on you when you are out fishing.

So I’m going to show you some of the best fishing carts that I think suit those needs fairly well and should not break the bank—we want to spend our money on fishing rods, reels, and tackle, so save a penny here and have a means to haul around your equipment easily.

Best Surf Cast Fishing Carts – Comparisons

The two biggest issues with surf casting are hauling the rods/reels and the cooler, but with the Sea Striker, gone are the days where you are having to cradle multiple rods and struggling to carry a heavy, ice-filled cooler a couple miles down the beach.

You have not only the ability to hold 7 fully rigged out rods and reels, you’ll be able to haul a 54-quart cooler as well.

Instead of having to haul broken down rods and reels and needing to assemble, run the fishing line, and tie on rigs, you can have everything all rigged up and ready to go—so the moment you stop at your spot to fish you can throw on some squid or minnows and cast right out

The rack is made of a sturdy, black powder-coated metal that can hold a fair amount of weight. The tires are larger and rounder than some of the other carts I have seen, making this one ideal for hauling heavy weight over the lose sand found on the beach. This means you’ll spend less time struggling and cussing and more time getting where you need to so you can relax and fish.

The carriage itself can hold a 54-quart cooler with ease, but of course it can hold smaller ones as well. You basically have a modular packing ability where you can fit whatever you can within the carriage, and as long as it’s secured properly, you will have no problems.

To aid with the securing of cargo in the carriage are of the cart the Sea Striker can be fitted with a liner, making packing a lot easier, and the liner is made of a durable material that can be hosed off at the end of the day.

This gives you a lot of versatility and ease of use, making the hardest part of your day fishing much easier to deal with—after all the, only bad part of a fishing day is the walk home, especially if you were particularity lucky and landed a lot of fish. 

Another great addition to this cart made by Sea Striker is their sand spike rod holders with integrated bait boxes. These are packed easily in the cart and make set up a snap. Drive these bad boys in the sand and now you have the ability to fish, and cut bait right at the rod.

Anyone that surf casts knows that you are going to lose a fair amount of bait due to every little nibbler in the ocean wanting some, so anything to make your life easier I will throw out there for you. 

There are a couple of issues worth noting. While the construction of the cart is fairly durable, the bolts that it comes with are not the best—they claim that it can be broken down making it easy to store and making it more portable, and that is not accurate.

It is not easy to break down at all, and I would recommend if you use this one to just leave it assembled and save yourself some headaches. 

Berkley is a name anglers have known and trusted for decades. They are making some of the best and top of the line tools and baits for the angler, it’s no wonder that they make a really useful and well-designed fishing cart.

The Berkley fishing cart is not only affordable, it is durable, lightweight, and unlike the Sea Striker, this one actually IS easy to take down—it folds up easily, making transporting and putting the cart away when you get home much easier. When folded up, it doesn’t take up too much space which, in turn, gives you more excuses to get more fishing gear.

Of course, the more gear you gain the more you will need to carry, but the Berkley has you covered. It comes with an integrated rod holding system that supports 8 fully rigged rods and reels, so when you hit the water you are ready to rock and roll.

The carriage also comes with an integrated liner that is compartmentalized so you can arrange your gear in a more secure fashion—so now you can secure your cooler and tackle box in their own separate compartment, making things slide around less. When you are moving your gear, you want the gear to have as little freedom of movement as possible, and this will cut down on the weight shifting as well as the wear and tear on both the cart and your gear.

Its simple design means you won’t be frustrated every time you need to set up the cart. The lightweight frame can hold up to the weight and still get you where you need to go. The tires, when fully inflated, make going through the sand a snap, and it really cuts down on those times where you are bogged down digging and pulling to get your cart going.

The cart also comes complete with a drink holder and a small table that can be used as a cutting board or to hold up your sandwich so you can later watch a seagull fly away with part of your lunch in its mouth. The legs and wheel base are designed to help navigate that lose sand, and with a weight capacity of 200 pounds to boot, you should have no trouble getting your gear where you need to.

There is a drawback, the tires for some reason have a strong odor upon unpacking the thing. When you inflate the tires, do so outside, and let them sit out there for a while. I do not know what it is, but we were not the only ones to experience this and a lot of others have stated a strong smell coming from the tires.

Writing this out seems strange and a big drawback, but it’s a good cart you just need to leave it outside before you load it up in the car or leave it indoors. The frame is also a little thin so if you are taking this through some rough terrain, it might not hold up as long.

Without a doubt, if you surf cast, you are going to need a good surf casting cart. The best fishing cart is going to give you the ease on your back from hauling all your fishing gear miles down the beach, and it will also give you peace of mind.

It will make your trip just that much easier so you can maximize on the time spent enjoying lines in the water and catching fish, and less time yelling at yourself and your friends as you stumble down the beach struggling with gear.

Having the right cart will give you the ability to haul your cooler fully laden with ice, food, and other provisions, as well as your rods, reels, bait, and tackle. This means you can set up faster, get there easier, and get home more comfortably.