The Countertop Snow Cone Machine

Cool Down This Summer With Snow Cones!

Its summer time! With it being summer we must find a way to cool our manly selves down. So what we have for your Man Cave this Summer is the world’s number one Snow Cone Machine!

With its retro styled construction The Countertop Snow Cone Machine makes carnival-worthy Snow Cones and takes up as little space as a toaster, so you will save a lot of space!

What Are Its Features?

  • Its stainless steel blades shave ice cubes into fluffy and ice cold treats
  • The side of the Snow Cone Machine opens to gain easy access for scooping up ice
  • Their is a tray mounted to the front to hold up to two snow cones while you put together another one!

Possibly the best way to cool down in your Man Cave this summer!