Ceramic Fire Pit Skull

Ceramic Fireproof Fire Pit Skull Log for Bonfire, Campfire, Fireplace, Firepit

Get ready to have the hottest neighborhood block party! 

Take a look at these fun fire pit skulls! When you add OSKER’s ceramic skulls to your bonfire, you’ll have the whole neighborhood chattering away. These conversation starters will light up any party!

When you throw these skulls into your fire pit, flames will escape out of the eyes and nose! This fire show will entertain everyone. Best of all, once these life-sized skulls have cooked, they turn soot-black, which adds to the effect. 

Are they durable?

These high-quality, fireproof skulls are handmade! OSKER’s artists carefully craft each skull with fine details. Don’t worry about the skulls burning; they can withstand temperatures up to 1,800°F! Best of all, these skulls have a 5-year factory guarantee. 

Firepit skulls are a perfect addition to any bonfire lover! You could even put a candle underneath the skull for a creepy, indoor party. The options are endless!

Are you ready to up your fire pit game?

OSKER Ceramic Fireproof Fire Pit Skull Log for Bonfire, Campfire, Fireplace, Firepit | Halloween Decor | for Gas, Propane, or Wood Fires | 9 Inch - Gray
  • GREAT CONVERSATION STARTER - Fire Pit Skulls add element of FUN to gatherings around the fire with family and friends
  • AWESOME VISUAL - Flames escape out the nose, eye sockets, and top of the Skull Log and keep you entertained while watching the fire
  • HIGH QUALITY FIREPROOF SKULL - Handmade Fire Skull Log withstands temps up to 1,800°F and has a 5 year factory guarantee
  • SPECIAL PACKAGING FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION - Packing foam shapes around Ceramic Skull for added stability in transport
  • PERFECT HALLOWEEN DECORATION - Put a candle underneath the Skull for a fun creepy effect at indoor parties or outdoor trick-or-treating


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